2 Samuel 20 (adapted)

The N Testament
10th March 1998

Jo was dressed for battle. Jo said, "How are you my friend?" and took hold of his kiss. Jo stabbed him and his entrails spilt out and he died immediately. Jo called out, Jo, lying in the middle stopping, dragged into the field, removed from pursuit. She heard it fall down. Listen Jo. "Yes I am." Listen. "I'm listening," she said. Go get what belongs to Never. Never is not our will, she said. Then she went and blew the signal, and went back home.

And Jo returned to the king. Jo was in the son-body, the forced labour. She was court from the town of Jair, end death mine last guilty of death. Not I. What can I want? Family can want. Think I want none of us alive. Hand over seven; we will kill the king. Promise.

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• Fine-liner, marker pen and felt-tip directly on the page of a good news bible
• Photographed with a Digital Mavica at great speed under less-than-ideal conditions.