Joshua 19 (adapted)

The N Testament
11th May 1997

I made the page behind by cutting out phrases, and the following day I stuck them down. The principle pieces:

n the region
from your master's
m here in Eg
drank with
am really Jos ful I a
are of corn
"Now hurry
What have you done?
wagons, as the
tle, and everything else th
but when
eeping, he embraced each of his brothers
also gave each
not answer. Th
you so am
Now do not be
upset whom
em "D
The brothers tore
is so old that
ypt and tell him
as they man's money
food beneath
e them the best land

(written) eleventh: impossible to put it all back together again

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• Red and black ink; scalpel cuts and re-sticking of pieces directly on the pages of a good news bible.
• Photographed with a Digital Mavica at great speed under less-than-ideal conditions.