Joshua 8 (adapted)

The N Testament
20th November 1997

Jo is burnt Ai and left in ruins. It is still like that today hanged the king of Ai from a tree left his body there until evening. At sunset, Jo gave orders for the body to be removed and it was thrown down at the entrance to the city covered with a huge pile of stones which is still there today.

ragged/and worn out
cut with iron tools/from a very distant land
the stone copy Bash/and all the people that live in us
the people stood with their backs to/you
we left home/torn
blessings and/curses, just as they are
ills, in the foothills.
I joined forces to fight against I.

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• Felt tips, markers and silver pen drawn directly onto the pages of a good news bible.
• Photographed with a Digital Mavica at great speed under less-than-ideal conditions.