Isiah 7 (adapted)

The N Testament
23rd February 1999

Her wine bottle
not to be frightened or disturbed

I intend to terrify. I will happen and capital strong I will be too. Strong and stronger will endure.

It's bad enough you wear out me, must you wear out patience too? A young woman who is I enough to make decisions, time comes [to] terrify you.

The Sign of I
A message a sign, from deep in the world of the dead or high in heaven. Answer, I refuse the test! To that, I replied, "Listen Now!"

Come like flies, like bees. Swarm in the rugged valleys and in the caves, cover every bush and pasture.
not the specific term

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• Black and coloured pens, and metallic gel pens directly on the page of a good news bible.
• Photographed with a Digital Mavica at great speed under less-than-ideal conditions.