The N Testament

detail of the last page of The N testament

Between 5th April 1997 and 15th November 2000, I kept a page-a-day diary, but instead of writing, I (mostly) drew, and instead of a diary, I (ab)used a Good News Bible. It became The N Testament.

You can see lots of its pages here. If you want to know more about how The N Testament came into being, you can read the story on the old alleged literature website, where there are also some more pages, including some of my favourites. But if you just want to see what can be done to a Good News Bible with time, determination and felt tips, visit the gallery here.

Why the "N" Testament"? First it was simply scrubbing out the "ew" of New -- a lot of the Testament uses selective deleting -- but I did have the idea that the "N" stood for something, though not at all sure what. At different times thought that maybe n=me, or n=text, or n=now, or n=interpretation, but could never fix on one. When I eventually finished it, and read it, it seemed to me though that N wasn't really any of those, but instead n=narrative, and a narrative I didn't remember writing, at that. You can't get the narrative from the sample I have online, except in excerpt, which is probably a good thing. It's not a nice story.

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