sometimes ask mewhen did you start drawing?the answer isI never stoppedMy mother put a pen in my hand
as soon as I could hold itand that's when I started drawingI often thinkthat for someone who's been drawing for quite so longI'm not much cop, really
I ought to be much betterthere are people around who started drawing far laterand they're far better than I amwhich just isn't fairyou'd think, with all the practice I get
that I'd be a bit better than this by nowbut we all have our crosses to bearand compulsive doodling is minegenuinely compulsivewhite tablecloths are a serious problem for me
I have to work to avoid drawing on things like windows, computer screens, and carsI have a glittery, gel-ink, stinky-marker, felt-tip pen habitwhich leaves me at the mercy of stationary storesand I never look like I'm listening at meetingseven if I am

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