Screamin' pink Barbie cam!

The coolest thing of all is that you connect it up to your computer, set it to "flipbook" mode, and it does timed shots, every couple of seconds, with a funky tune to let you know when the shot is coming. Missed it? Refresh.

Unbelievable. It exports them as .avi files (so retro! so cute!) which can be unpicked by Animationshop and reformatted as animated gifs. Or you can watch it inside the Barbie Software. It plays a little tune while you watch. Up to 36 frames. We also took one of me eating pizza, at which Damian laughed himself sick, but I forgot to export it the first time (the Barbie desktop and Adobe don't get on so I have to separate taking and editing) and anyway, it's a bit scary, so it's on the next page. In the meantime, here is my one Mattel Barbie-type doll, for your delectation: Surf-city Midge, who has been known to have a wierdly hypnotic effect on Landlords.