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cleanskies written page

winter 2000/1

Of course there is a sense in which all pages are written, however, I do spend a lot of time writing stuff about stuff, at work, for myself, for other organisations, people, and websites, yadda yadda yadda.

I like certain authors a lot, like JG Ballard. I created a whole section about him. I'm writing a novel, but that certainly isn't going online. I also write journals, some with words, and some with pictures, and if you write to me, I'll write to you. But what you're probably after is my journal, below, or possibly my blog, which is here.

See my journal in its original context, leave comments, and meet my friends here.

This journal was brough to you by the colour blue, the numbers 4 and 31, and the open-source power of

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