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Click on the picture to see Jeremy do the milk trick.

This site, Cleanskies, belongs to Jeremy Dennis. I am a cartoonist by compulsion and a web editor by trade. I'm also a woman (yes, I know it is an unusual name for a woman*).

This site isn't about cartoooning or web editing. It's about the weird, unclassifiable things I do like keeping a two-year diary in a Good News Bible, making scanner collages with old J G Ballard pulp paperbacks, and photographing my toys from their perspective.
It's a site about compulsions, art and the things I like.

Latest news and all that stuff is in my journal.

The pictures on the right take you straight to the main sections in this site except for the top picture which takes you to my weekly strip on Alleged. You can also look at stuff under the following headings:

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the weekly strip
read my journal
i love my toys
a touch of zen
The N Testament - re-interpreting the
Ballardia - beachcombing on the terminal beach
Pink Barbiecam
Beautiful Suzy - every little girl would like to be
have superpowers
FACT! Jeremy is the 4057th most popular female first name in the US, with approximately 0.001% of the female population having it. (By comparison, Steven comes in at 2667)